Sewer Utility Billing

General Information

Sewer bills are based on a customer’s water usage obtained from Maryland American Water Company (MAWC) or in a few cases Harford County. If you have a question regarding your water bill, please call MAWC at 410-838-8403. Bills are mailed to the owner even though a tenant may be residing at the property since the owner is ultimately responsible for the bill.

Bills are processed monthly for town residents and monthly for businesses on the 25th day of each month. Customers are charged a base charge, which is dependent on meter size, and for usage. Each July 1, the sewer rate and the base charge are automatically adjusted according to a CPI index. View the current fiscal year’s rates.

Property owners selling their property are advised to call MAWC to request a final water read for settlement date.

Payment Information

Bills not paid within thirty days of the bill date will be considered delinquent and will begin to accrue interest at the rate of 1.5% per month. Past due bills are processed the day after the monthly billing.

Delinquent Bills

Properties with sewer bills that are delinquent as of March 1 will be advertised six times between April and June and will be taken to tax sale on the third Monday of June if they remain unpaid. Taxpayers whose accounts have been advertised and/or go to tax sale will be responsible for advertising costs.

The department mails delinquent notices for unpaid sewer bills during the first week of March each year. After March 31, checks will no longer be accepted as a form of payment for delinquent accounts.

Swimming Pool Credit

The town offers customers who fill a pool a credit on the amount of water used to fill it. The minimum quantity of water usage which will be considered for the credit shall be 5,000 gallons. Please print the application before you fill your pool since a beginning meter reading is required. Once completed, please mail or drop off the form to the Finance Department. This form will be forwarded to the town’s Public Works Department for review and inspection of facilities as necessary. Email for additional information.