Employment Process
The town only accepts applications when it advertises there is an open position. Position vacancies are first posted internally and if there are no qualified candidates the vacancy notice will be posted on the town's website and may be placed externally in the newspaper and online.

If the applicant is applying for a position in the Bel Air Police Department, the applicant must submit two applications – the town's and the Bel Air Police Department's, which you may download from this website. All other town positions need only to complete the town application. In addition to the application, some posted positions may request a resume.

Applications must be received by the Human Resources Department prior to the close of business on the posted deadline. No late applications are accepted. Applications may be submitted by mail or in person.
After all applications and resumes are reviewed, the Department of Human Resources contacts selected qualified applicants for an interview. After the interviews are completed, the department or Human Resources checks the applicant's references and past-employment history. Once a selected applicant has been offered the position, the applicant is scheduled for a pre-employment physical and drug screening, a background check (includes fingerprinting and criminal) through the State Criminal Justice Central Repository and a driver's license check. An offer of employment is contingent upon the results of all required information. If results are found acceptable, the employee is called with a start date.

Applicants who are not qualified or who are found qualified and not selected for interview are advised, usually with 4–5 weeks of the vacancy closing date.

Current Employment Opportunities

View current employment opportunities.

This website is designed to present information in a clear and efficient manner by providing a synopsis of the Town of Bel Air, Maryland employment policies and procedures. Nothing on this site is intended to constitute an employment contract between the Town of Bel Air, Maryland, and any employee or applicant. The Town of Bel Air reserves the right to modify the Town of Bel Air Code and/or policies.