Loose Leaves Collection

The Town employs two leaf vacuuming trucks to provide loose leaf collection in the Fall and for a short time in early Spring (see below).  The Streets Section operates the leaf trucks in addition to preforming its normal operational tasks.  During the Fall season when the leaves are dropping at a fast rate it is not unusual for the operation to get behind.  While the Department tries to limit the amount of overtime spent on leaf collection it will, on occasion, work after hours or on Saturdays to attempt to stay on schedule.  Please be patient.  Each neighborhood will be serviced once each week in sequence so if your leaves aren't picked up on the designated day, they will be within the next day or two.   For any questions or for further information, call 410-638-4545.
IMPORTANT:  Please rake leaves to the back of the curb and not into the road gutter.  Leaves raked into the gutter can be washed or blown into stormdrain inlets and block rainwater from being drained off the street.
  • No call is necessary for loose leaf pick-up service

  • Rake leaves to curbside in a pile, leaving the gutter area clear.

  • Important !! - Do not mix brush and tree limbs with loose leaves as it clogs the vacuum machinery on the truck.  Leaves mixed with limbs or other brush WILL NOT be collected until separated.

Fall Season (First Full Week of October to December 31) Weather Permitted

Weekly Designated Street Schedule See Street Sections Here
  • Mondays - Section 1
  • Tuesdays - Section 4
  • Thursdays - Section 2
  • Fridays - Section 3

Spring Season (First two full weeks of April)