Archer-Bull  Architectural Design Award

24th Annual Archer-Bull Design Award

The Economic and Community Development Commission of the Town of Bel Air annually presents the Archer-Bull Award for architectural and design excellence, named after prominent 19th century Bel Air architect George Archer and master builder Jacob Bull. In order to be eligible, projects must have undergone exterior façade work within the past five years and can include individual buildings, buildings in strip centers and infill spaces. An independent architect reviews the eligible projects and selects a winner based on uniqueness of design, materials, compatibility to surrounding structures and overall visual appeal. Winners are announced at the annual awards ceremony.

Please join us in celebrating the local projects that have won the Archer-Bull Award over the past 24 years!

2021 - 5 N. Main: 5 North Main Street

5 N Main Street

Owner: Kevin Jablon

Architectural firm: Twopoint Studio, LLC, Baltimore, MD

Builder: Bay Country Associates, Inc, Bel Air, MD 

Design: LUUA Design Studio,  Baltimore, MD

 5 North Main opened their doors in Bel Air in early July with a complete rehab of their location on Main Street.  

Owner Kevin Jablon worked with designer Anne Stahl of LUUA Design Studio to modernize and revitalize the building and transform it into a vibrant part of Main Street.  As part of the transformation, the entrance has been more clearly defined with the addition of new articulated stone veneer. 


Known many years ago as the old Bel Air movie theater, the exterior of the building with its cast stone base, red brick, Gibbs surround, quoins and copper roof has been redesigned to include the addition of a new copper roof color that compliments the stone and adds to the modern revitalization. The articulation and color of the stone softens the street view and provides scale to the recessed contrasting storefronts and the main entrance. The painting of the brick has neutralized the period building and has created a more modern appearance.   

5 North Main’s public entrance is clearly defined, and the large front windows contribute to its Main Street appeal and to interaction with the public. With the help of designer Anne Stahl of LUUA Design Studio and architect David Lopez of Twopoint Studio, the team reimagined what the façade and interior of 5 North Main could become and have successfully transformed the location and have created a hub for activity in a formerly vacant building. The building now hosts a popular coffee shop, co-working spaces and podcast studios, thereby increasing foot traffic and creating an inviting area to meet and gather with your friends and co-workers.

Compatibility to the surrounding structures and use of distinctive materials create a unique design on Main Street and for these reasons, the location of 5 North Main was chosen as this year’s Archer Bull Award recipient. 

2019 - Streett Hopkins Real Estate

Owners: Chris Streett and Tim Hopkins

Architectural firm: Skorpa Design Studio, Bel Air, MD

Builder: M&S Hilker Construction LLC, Abingdon, MDStreett Hopkins Real Estate

Streett Hopkins Real Estate opened their doors in Bel Air in 2015 with a complete rehab of their building at 118 South Main Street. The result is a simply articulated building form. The public entrance is clearly defined and has a recessed protected entrance. The large front window contributes to its Main Street appeal and to interaction with the public. The use of semi-irregular stone work is not a contemporary appearance, however, the cut stone banding and sill, complimentary colored coping and sign panel creates a well-proportioned and pleasant overall building appearance.

The light fixtures flanking the entrance and their lighting of the sign panel are of a period to compliment the Main Street light post in front of the building, adding to the overall rustic charm of Main Street. This renovated and reimagined building is a welcome addition to the Town of Bel Air and its residents.

2018 - One Eleven Main: 111 South Main Street

Owner: Richard Anderson

Architectural Firm: Architectural Design Works, Towson, Maryland

Builder: Bay Country Builders

One Eleven Main

Owner Richard Anderson had a vision for the building to transform it into a fine dining establishment on Main Street. With the help of Architectural Design Works, they re-imagined what the façade and interior of 111 South Main could become and turned the building into a popular gathering spot for locals and visitors looking for a creative menu and upscale atmosphere.

One Eleven Main is positioned in a two-story building with a smooth black base, projected low roof front and white sided second story with residential style windows and shutters. The use of wood plank with its vibrant tonal quality as a façade, wood trim detailing at the windows and bright red doors set the storefront apart from the existing building. In addition, the width of the wood plank references the existing siding creating a harmony with the building. The large windows and recessed entrance provide a view to the interior, drawing the public into the space. The black and green polished stone panels at each end of the storefront add a sophisticated refinement to the overall appearance. In this case, compatibility and use of distinctive materials create a unique design on Main Street and for these reasons, the location was chosen as the 2018 Archer-Bull Award recipient.

2017 - Spartan Surfaces: 10 South Hays Street

Owner: Kevin Jablon

Architectural Firm: Frederick Ward Associates, Bel Air, MarylandSpartan Surfaces

Spartan Surfaces relocated their headquarters to Bel Air in 2016. As a sales and consulting group specializing in commercial flooring solutions, their dedicated staff is focused on providing customers with an excellent experience from the beginning of the project to installation and beyond.

Spartan Surfaces had a vision for the former Aegis building to transform it into a headquarters for their growing business. With the help of Frederick Ward Associates, they re-imagined the space and turned it into offices, meeting space and a warehouse facility.

The building is located in a transitional area, housing both businesses and residential structures. With that distinction, the design at Spartan Surfaces introduces a large and welcoming glass entry, uses metal panels and corrugated siding to present a modern appearance and varying roof pitches to transition a big block building into a residential scale building. A significant feature is the application of a forest green paint which blends with vegetation to provide a residential friendly appearance. The building is successfully compatible with the commercial and residential communities through thoughtful use of quality materials, and consideration of the neighborhood streetscape.

2016 - Independent Brewing Company: 418 N. Main Street 

Owners: Phil & Beth Rhudy and Harry & Stephanie O’Neill 

Architectural Firm: Architectural Design Works, Towson, Maryland

Builder: Silver Hall Contracting Company, Baldwin, Maryland

Independent Brewing Company

Opening its doors in October 2015, Independent Brewing Company is a small-batch, full production craft brewery located at the north end of Main Street. The property features a large tap room as well as an outdoor patio area for their customers to enjoy.

Formerly housing an auto repair shop, the structure underwent a significant overhaul to create the current home of Independent Brewing Company. Today, the building is very compatible with the surrounding commercial structures. The outside seating area and open facades, with large windows, encourage social interaction and public activity. In addition, the project contributes to the sustainability goals of Bel Air.

2015 - Miranda Family Dentistry 200 Thomas Street

Owners: Dr. Alvin Miranda & Carol Miranda

Architectural Firm: Clark Design Group, Elkton, MD

Builder: Bay Country Associates, Elkton, MD

Opening in its new location in 2015, Miranda Family Dentistry offers comprehensive dental care including preventative services as well as restorative treatments and a wide range of cosmetic services.

The building was chosen to receive this year’s award as its scale is appropriate for the neighborhood and the mix of materials and details have created an elegant building that does not look like a commercial box or a residence. With the new design, the building is an appealing and welcoming office that is an asset to the streetscape of Bel Air.

2014 - Kaufman Cancer Center: University of Maryland, Upper Chesapeake Medical Center: 500 Upper Chesapeake Drive

Architectural Firm: HKS Architects, Richmond, VA

Opening in October of 2013, the 75,000 square foot Kaufman Cancer Center is a state-of-the-art facility designed to allow those with a cancer diagnosis to receive multidisciplinary care including medical, surgical and radiation oncology all in one location.

The building was designed with a focus on sustainability, including recognition of the building’s impact on its immediate surroundings and the environment. On the grounds of the Center, you will find the Dresher Family Healing Garden which symbolizes the healing aspects of nature and inspires those who visit it This new addition to the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center complex is a welcome addition to the Town of Bel Air and its residents.

2013 - Bel Air Liquors: 315 S. Main Street

Owners: Larry & Julie Dean

Architectural Firm & Builder: Innovative Building Solutions

Bel Air Liquors moved to their newly constructed space at 315 South Main Street in 2012. Environmentally-friendly building principles and materials were used to comply with the 2012 International Building Code (IBC). From the recycled concrete used in the building's foundation to the recycled material used in the siding and shingles on the roof, a conscious effort was made to use sustainable materials that will provide minimum maintenance over their lifetime. The building was recognized for its unique design at a joint U.S. Green Building Council and Harford County Green Business Network event.

2012 - Upper Chesapeake Medical Center: 500 Upper Chesapeake Drive

2011 - Kelly Financial Group, LLC: 48 E. Gordon Street

2010 - Bel Air High School: 100 Heighe Street 

2009 -TD Bank: 115 Baltimore Pike

2008 - Harford Mall; Bel Air Streetscape - State Highway Administration: 696 Bel Air Road 

2007 - MaGerk’s Pub & Grill: 120 S. Bond Street 

& The Crackpot Seafood Restaurant: 510 Marketplace Drive 

& 420 Linwood Avenue

2006 - Spenceola Main Street Center: 101 N. Main Street 

2005 - 312 Williams Street

 & 5 S. Main Street 

& 323 Williams Street

 & 117-119 S. Main St. 

2004 - Saxon’s Diamond Centers: 217 Baltimore Pike

2003 - 310 Webster Street 

2002 - Bel Air Branch of Harford County Library: 100 E. Pennsylvania Avenue

2001 - Thomas Hays Building: 120 S. Hays Street 

2000 - Bel Air United Methodist Church Addition: 21 Linwood Avenue

1999 - Bel Air Methodist Episcopal Church

1998 - Stockson Printing Company

1997 - The Mill of Bel Air