Citizen of the Year Award

2nd Annual Citizen of the Year Award

The Town Commissioners have instituted a Citizen of the Year Award. Nominees will be evaluated based on their outstanding service and continuing commitment to the community.

This award is presented to a citizen who has provided outstanding service to our community, demonstrated by going above and beyond the call of duty; someone having a continuous commitment to better the Town of Bel Air, and creating a positive impact for people of all ages and abilities.

2022 - David & Sandra guzewich

Dave and Sandy GuzewichDone Editing

Throughout the years, Dave and Sandy Guzewich have gone above and beyond for the Town of Bel Air. Through their involvement in the Bel Air Lions Club, there is hardly an event or activity in which they do not participate.   Whether it is promoting various community service projects, handling the monumental task of the Christmas tree sales, or donating money or supplies to various projects, Dave and Sandy truly are the best of our community.  Their positive, upbeat demeanor and their ability to say “we can do this” are attributes that have served our Town well, and we hope they continue their good work, as we truly are the beneficiaries of their efforts.